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Website Planning: The Crucial Element

The World Wide Web has fast become one of the most important mediums for marketing. We strongly believe that having a strong web presence speaks volumes about your business.

There are many aspects to planning a website that need to be considered. Our company will help guide you through the process step-by-step making sure that you are taking all facets into consideration.

Here is a brief list of some of the things we recommend before getting started

Have a good idea of things you want before you get started. Make a list of the type of content, features, and design elements you like and don't like. Take a look at the sites of similar businesses or organizations to get ideas. This is a good time to involve the feedback and ideas of all stakeholders including your staff, clients, and the board of directors

Define your audience. Is your site going to serve the needs of your employees? Potential clients? Press? Think outside the box.

Develop a "Wish List" of the features you would like to see on your site. Do you need a calendar? A newsletter? A shopping cart? Try not to let the cost be the issue at this point. It's a chance to look towards the future vision of the site. There are some things that can be incorporated later.

Cluster potential content pages into categories. Spend some time seeing if the list of items you want on your site will fit neatly into categories. Perhaps you might have several pages that would fit neatly into an "About Us" sections. For example, pages such as "The History of our Business", "Our Mission Statement", & "How We Give Back to the Community" might fit nicely under an "About Us" section. We can help you make your site "flow" in the best possible way for your visitors.

Evaluate the administrative implications. It's never too early to start thinking about how you will manage the site once it is 'live'. Will you hire someone to make the changes? Will your staff be able to maintain it for you? Our Content Management System makes it easy for small businesses to maintain their own site which can save hundreds of dollars every year.

Plan a budget and define the "crucial" elements of your site. Flash intros might seem nice, but you might be able to live without it if you are trying to save on the cost of your site. We can help you narrow this down and give you honest feedback about what elements will be the most beneficial.

Consider how each of your site elements affects the overall search engine optimization. If we've discovered just one thing about web sites, it is that often designers and SEO techs speak a different language. They each emphasize different aspects of the site and for different reasons. We want to make sure that no matter what elements you choose, your site is designed to help you get the best rankings possible.

Design from the perspective of your key audience and not necessarily from your own perspective. What does your audience want to know?

Understand how visitors will use your site. There are many studies out there that demonstrate that most people do not read websites. They scan them for keywords. We can help make sure that your content draws attention to the important elements of each page.

Stay focused on your purpose and vision. It's easy to get distracted when there are lots of people offering suggestions on your new site. Remember, it's all about your business, and creating the best web presence we can.