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Custom Web Programming

Web Based software can improuve your company's image and communication, and, in the same time, it can allow you to deliver a range of functionality and information over any or all of your browser based systems - your intranet, your password-protected extranet or your website.

You are no longer tied down to individual desktops, LANs, or even the office. Web-based software allows people to access your functions and information from anywhere, at any time.

Allthough we have many products and web applications that might fit your business, our strenght is the ability to develop custom websites and web software. We are not tied to a plan, or some packages. All customers are unique and their requirements are different. We can help you define your processes, write a list of speciffications, and then develop the application that fit your requirements.

To keep down development time, cost and debugging period, we have developed an extensive library of web-based software components and modules. By using these as a basis for your system we can deliver strong web solutions usually within your budget and timeframe.